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In Among Us, there are three maps and they are all created in a completely distinct way. Because of this, each map ought to be used in such a way that it might be towards the player’s advantage. In the event you know a map well, you will understand that there are some features in other maps that you simply is not going to discover in others. To take this conversation off, we are going to begin with The Skeld. So, if Among Us chrome 'd like to use geography to your advantage, read on!

Among Us chrome extension in the game

In Among Us, The Skeld may be the initial ever map. The Skeld can also be broadly regarded as to be a great map for newbies. In 2018, The Skeld is also the very initial map from the game when it was released. The Skeld also among the bigger maps following Polus. As a result of this, exploring the map may at some point become puzzling particularly should you usually are not aware of the best way to best play within the map.

•The rooms

You'll find 14 rooms in The Skeld. Essentially the most crucial element of the map will be the Cafeteria which can be located within the upper middle. Additionally, it happens to become the biggest space in the map. Sprawled all through the map are five lunch tables. There are also 3 hallways and one vent connected to the cafeteria. In this area, crewmates can press the Emergency Meeting button by means of the center table. There are also three tasks that will be carried out inside the cafeteria which are empty garbage, download data, and repair wiring. The other rooms are weapons, navigation, O2, shields, communications, storage, admin, electrical, lower engine, security, reactor, upper engine, and medbay.


Vents are a special feature in the map that may only be accessed by impostors. Vents are gray rectangles on a particular part of a room and additionally, it has 5 lines. Vents are a implies by which impostors can go from 1 area to another. Vents are fantastic employed using a correct tactic in mind simply because it could make or break your game as an impostor. There are Among Us chrome in The Skeld and a few rooms even have two vents. The connecting rooms are as follows: Reactor to upper engine, reactor to reduced engine, security to medbay, medbay to electrical, electrical to security, weapons to navigation, navigation to shields, admin to cafeteria, cafeteria to shields hallway, and shields hallway to admin.


Only inside the maps The Skeld and Polus can a single close doors. An additional factor, only impostors can use the close door approach which can be accessible by means of the sabotage menu. Upper engine, security, reduced engine, electrical, medbay, cafeteria, and storage would be the rooms exactly where a single can discover doors that will be closed. Impostors might pick which door they want closed via the sabotage menu by just clicking around the red x mark. The doors are only closed for ten seconds so impostors much better use it shrewdly. It is greatest to use this technique in rooms which have vents so you'll be able to sneakily escape afterwards.

•Mini Games

When completed, there will be a mark on mini games. This feature is specifically significant for crewmates since they are able to recognize which “crewmate” is an actual crewmate by showing that a mini game has been completed by just presenting the visual marker given that impostors cannot truly do these tasks. The three mini games in The Skeld are health-related scan, destroying asteroids, and flushing out garbage.

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